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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: Why doesn't anyone find bodies or skeletons of cryptids in the wild?
A: Scavengers already start picking at a animal soon after it dies, so the body doesn't last long to begin with; even then it would start rotting eventually. Consider just how few (if any) dead bears are found in the wild. As for marine creatures, a dead animal will usually sink down to the ocean floor where it is picked apart by scavengers. In rare cases it might be washed ashore, in which case people might find it.
Q: Why aren't there more photographs of cryptids?
A: First of all, most people don't carry cameras with them. Even if someone does, he/she may not think to take a photo after seeing a cryptid, and even then the person may be too shakey to get a clear picture.
Q: Have cryptids ever been known to kill someone?
A: Yes, but there aren't many documented accounts.
Q: Did people see cryptids in the Middle Ages?
A: Probably, but there aren't many known (reliable) reports from then. Keep in mind that we also have people back then who reported seeing manticores and dragons.
Q: Does cryptozoology involve ghosts or other paranormal phenomena?
A: No. Cryptozoology deals with animals, not ghosts, demons, psychic phenomena, etc.
Q: Does cryptozoology deal with aliens?
A: Not that I know of.
Q: Is it possible that some cryptids might go extinct before they are discovered?
A: Yes.
Q: Couldn't people use satellites to find cryptids?
A: No; the technology isn't good enough that you could actually use a satellite to search for cryptids. Besides, most satellites are used for important purposes (military, reconaissance, weather predictions, etc).
Q: Can I get a job as a cryptozoologist?
A: No. Though a job in biology could end up with some cryptozoology related things.
Q: Can I link to your site?
A: Yes.
Q: Will you link to my site?
A: Probably. E-mail me about it; if I like it, and it is related to cryptozoology, I'll probably link to it whenever I update the site. Don't expect me to do one of things where you link to me and I link to in return.
Q: When do you update?
A: Completely irregularly; whenever I have enough new stuff to put on the site.