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New Guinea Dinosaur


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This is another less known cryptid of which there seems to be only one sighting, and is probably a hoax.
Supposedly, while in New Guinea, Charles Miller came across a tribe called the Kirririrri. The natives there told him about a creature called a Row, whose description sounded like a dinosaur. When taken to where the creature was supposed to live, he saw a creature with a long tail, a horn on it's tail, a long neck, had armored plates on it's back (like a Stegosaurus) and a beak like a turtle. He also said that there was a bony collar on it's head.
Miller said that the natives had several horns from these creatures, he didn't bring one back. Miller also said he took some film of the creature, though that never turned up. Interestingly, not only is this the only ever account of the Row, but is also the only report of the existence of Kirrirri tribe. From the description, it sounds like a combination of a Sauropod (the tail and neck), a Triceratops (the head, except for the lack of a horn), and a Stegosaurus (the armored plates). A combination like that would seem strange, though it might be possible.

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